FRS Latest News

     FRS 2.1 has been released and is now available for download     Current FRS 2.0 users will need the new FRS 2.1 client to participate in new training sessions     All documentation and tutorials have been updated to reflect the new features

Training with EDGE

The EDGE training tool can be accessed in 3 different ways

  1. If you intend to participate as a trainee in an EDGE training event that your organization is conducting using the CESI servers, then you only need the client software. To get the client software, simply request an account on the CESI servers by going here to request an account. Once DHS has approved your eligibility, an account will be created for you and you will receive an email with details on how to validate your account and download the client software.
  2. If you intend to host EDGE on your own servers to provide training for your organization via a Local Area Network (LAN), please refer to the “How can I host an EDGE training session on my own servers?” question in this FAQ section.
  3. If you intend to host EDGE on your own servers to provide training for your organization and others over the internet by acting as a DHS authorized EDGE server node, please refer to the “How can I host an EDGE training session on my own servers?”  question in this FAQ section

The EDGE environment is not a training course in the traditional sense, but rather a tool instructors use to train their First Responder teams in a safe environment. EDGE FRS is a sandbox environment, meaning there is no fixed scenario or mandatory training events. Instead, instructors can use EDGE as a virtual environment to train a wide range of possible events, ranging from active shooter to arson. EDGE is particularly well suited to training coordinated responses across departmental and organizational boundaries.

We are always looking to improve the EDGE training platform and would appreciate any new feature suggestions you may have.  Please use the feature request form located here to request new features.  Feature requests are not guaranteed and will be added to the development queue as they are authorized and funded.

Instructors are special users who monitor the training session and deploy trainees and role players into the scenario. Instructors can heal, revive, and kill users from a special in-game menu. Instructors also have the ability to start and stop recording the session for playback in an after-action review (AAR) and to enter a Spectator mode. In Spectator mode, instructors can use a Free Fly camera to move throughout the environment and a Follow camera to attach and follow specific users to see the environment from their perspective.

Every EDGE training session must have at least one designated instructor.

Qualified first responder organizations may request distribution of the EDGE server software suitable for hosing local or online training sessions. Please see the Use EDGE FRS page to request a distribution of the EDGE FRS software.

EDGE FRS uses TCP port 443 and UDP ports 7777-7790 and 8777-8790. These ports must be open for you to participate in an Internet-hosted Session. If you are unsure whether these ports are open, please contact your IT representative before attempting to join an EDGE Session.